Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP hosting offers you several advantages:

1. Better search engine ranking. Search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo! may give your site higher ranking if it has its own IP address. If your site shares the same IP with another site on the same server with similar content then the search engines may view this as less relevant and rank both sites lower. If you are going for optimum search engine ranking it's best to buy a dedicated IP address.

2. You will be able to view your site in the browser with the IP address. If you are transferring your site from another server you can setup and test your site on the browser in advance of updating your domain's DNS settings. This is very useful for database driven sites.

3. Dedicated IP is needed for an SSL certificate which is needed to accept secure data transactions over the Internet. The dedicated IP enables an HTTPS connection.  

Q: What is an IP address?
An IP address is an Internet protocol address. On the Internet data packets are routed to and from IP addresses associated with specific computers or domain names. The IP address format has four numbers from 0-255 separated by periods. An example is:

Q: What is shared IP hosting?
In shared IP hosting a number of sites on the web server share the same IP address. When a query for a specific domain comes in to the server's IP address the server's software routes it to the appropriate site. If you type the server's IP into a browser no specific site will come up.

Q: What is dedicated IP hosting?
With dedicated IP hosting your site is assigned its own unique, registered IP address. Internet queries are routed to this specific IP address which is associated with only one web site. If you type the site's IP address into a browser the site will come up.

The price for dedicated IP address for your site is only $30/year.


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