FileZilla Tutorial

Q: How do I place my site online using FileZilla?
A: First download and install FileZilla.
- Open FileZilla
- Click on File, Site Manager
- Click on New Site
- Name the site after yourdomainname
- Enter yourdomainname or IP address in the Host field.
- Select Normal for the Logontype option.
- Enter your FTP username and password. (See your New Hosting Account Information document for details.)
- Click on the Advanced button on the left side.
- Click on the button with … and select the folder where your site files are located on your local computer.
- Enter the host directory information in the Default remote field.
- Click on OK
- Click on Connect.
- Once you are connected you will see your local site files on the left side and the remote server files on the right side.
- Transfer files by selecting them, right click, then left click on Upload. You can select more than one file by selecting one file, holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and pressing the down or up arrow keys as needed.


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