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Spam is a growing problem that wastes hundreds of productive hours every year. The first step to reducing spam is preventing your address from getting on spam mailing lists. There are several ways to do this:
1. Use a form instead of e-mail on your website. Go to for a guide on adding forms to your website in a way that will prevent your e-mail from being harvested by spammers. We can provide form and form script setup assistance if needed.
2. Encrypt your e-mail if you do list it on your site:
3. Don't subscribe to mailing lists with your primary e-mail. Instead use a Yahoo! or Gmail account for mailing list subscriptions. A very good option is to use a temporary e-mail address from a service like . Simply create a temporary e-mail that routs to your normal e-mail, signup for an offer, then turn off the e-mail if you start receiving spam.

We have developed four ways for our customers to filter the spam entering their inbox. If you use Outlook or Outlook Express start with option 1 since this is the simplest and most cost effective way to reduce your spam. Only choose options 2 if you are not using Outlook, primarily use webmail, or are protecting multiple systems. Option 3 is the best for protecting multiple e-mail accounts.

1. Spam filter for Outlook and Outlook Express (Recommended for protecting a few e-mail accounts)
This easy to use Spam filter works very well for Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Firefox. After a free 30-day trial there is a free version for non-commercial use and a paid version with more features and support. Click here to download your free trial today.

2. Challenge response e-mail service (Recommended for protecting a few e-mail accounts)
This an effective way to eliminate spam from your inbox. This is a good option if you frequently use an e-mail client and webmail are using an e-mail client like Outlook. Click here for a free trial.

3. Server side spam filtering (Recommended for protecting many e-mail accounts)
Server side spam filtering is the best option if you want to protect many e-mail accounts since it protects all e-mail at your domain. It is the ideal solution if you like to use webmail or iPhone. We offer this for a small additonal cost of $0.50/user/month sold in 20 user blocks.

Users Monthly Price Buy Now
1-20 $10/month paid annually
21-40 $20/month paid annually

4. Bayesian filter (Recommended for protecting many e-mail accounts)
POPFile is a Bayesian filter that can be setup in conjunction with one of the other options or on a standalone basis. Setup is technically advanced and there is a period that you will need to train the filter. Ideally you will use this as in addition to one of the first two options as a second line of defense. Go to to get started.

Spam reduction consulting service
Pratt Systems has developed strategies and methods that will help you dramatically reduce the amount of spam you receive and the amount of time spent on this issue. You will receive good e-mail and not receive spam e-mail. This will free up many hours of time that can be devoted to more productive activities.

Service includes:
- Intake interview to learn about your current situation. This interview will uncover spam vulnerabilities and ways we can reduce your incoming spam.
- Develop a custom strategy to reduce spam that works well with your electronic lifestyle.
- Assistance implementing and optimizing third-party spam reduction services.
- Effectively reduce the sources of spam.

Price of the services is a one-time fee of $99.95


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